Masuichi Kyakuden


Shukei Jigyo
Takai Kohzan
Katsushika Hokusai
Danna Bunka (Patron Culture)
* Japanese

At one time when visitors came from afar they were entertained in the tatami-floored kyakuden, literally "guest hall," of the Masuichi estate. When a visitor came to Obuse, way out to the country, it felt like a small festival not just to the master but the entire household and servants as well. That was the perfect opportunity for intellectual stimulation and a place where all sorts of valuable information could be gathered.

The Masuichi Kyakuden was born from a desire to once again realize a place for exchange and fraternization in Obuse, restoring history in a modern framework. All of its services are based on the feeling that guests should be entertained at our own houses. Enjoy the sights of Obuse and the chestnut orchards as if it was your own backyard.

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