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Telephone: (026) 247-1111
E-mail: info@kyakuden.jp

Welcome to a silent private world of earthen walls and clay tiles, corridors of light and shadow interwoven in rippling water. Its 12 rooms constructed from earthen storehouses and old shop buildings are all Western style complete with beds and living rooms. Enjoy your time here and let the troubles of the day, the hustle and bustle of everyday life sink to the bottom of your memory. When placing a reservation let us know how many people will be staying, and the style of your stay and we will pick the best room for you.




Study Type
For 2 people
Includes breakfast

37,800 Yen (18,900 Yen per person)
~ 48,600 Yen (24,300 Yen per person)

Twin room (50m2)
No smoking in all rooms





Relax Type
For 2 people
Includes breakfast

37,800 Yen (18,900 Yen per person)
~ 43,200 Yen (21,600 Yen per person)

Twin Room + Terrace (60m2)
No smoking in all rooms

@ Living Type
For 2 people
Includes breakfast

48,600 Yen (24,300 Yen per person)
Twin room + Living room (70m2)
(Equipped with sound system)
No smoking in all rooms
œRoom Amenities
- 50-inch plasma TV
- HDD-DVD recorder (with prerecorded shows)
- BS, CS(CNN), Digital
- High-speed internet connection
- iPod dock (connected to TV)
- Heated floor
- 1-person sofa
- Desk light

- Adjustable air conditioning
- Safe
- Refrigerator
- Electric heating pot
- Large bathtub(0.7m3 - 1.3m3)
- Washlet toilet
- Rain shower
- Morning newspaper

- Bottled water
- Bathrobe
- Pajamas
- Cosmetic mirror
- Down pillows
- Hair dryer
- 24-hour concierge service
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